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Successful Real Estate partnerships have been defined as having shared beliefs in common goals that are essentially based on the ideology that ‘The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts!’  Jay Saufl and James Ronald Whitney of SAUFL WHITNEY GROUP, aka The BlueJays, are both esteemed real estate and financial services experts serving Greater Palm Springs and Coachella Valley, where they represent both the Palm Springs Main and Palm Springs South offices, who believe wholeheartedly in that philosophy and formed their alliance in order to jointly provide their clients with an unmatched level of personal and professional service and an incomprehensible attention to detail that would otherwise be unattainable working independently.  Similar to team sports wherein the players work in unison to achieve the same goal, Jay Saufl and James Ronald Whitney have the unique ability to wear several different hats as they navigate that complex field of real estate negotiations, mitigating transactional risks to their clients, and maximizing the potential in each and every executed deal.  The BlueJays’ ability to merge multiple talents together, allowing their clients to play to individual strengths as both partners bring something different to the table, is incredibly advantageous for those clients, as The BlueJays’ refined partnership and shared vision is designed to present their clients with a unique opportunity to take their real estate needs effortlessly to that next level and to welcome the unrivaled support and embrace the acute professional acumen and astute fiduciary responsibility that both Jay Saufl and James Whitney have been successfully affording their clients in both real estate and financial services for several decades.

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