Rand Alhadeff is a welcome addition to the  Palm Springs/ Coachella Valley photography scene, who has been involved with photography for more than forty years. 

Shortly after completing portrait and commercial photography classes in the mid-seventies, Rand began to shoot professionally for a multitude of clients; however, his passion wasn`t fully realized until he moved out of state to Austin, Texas, where he  opened up a commercial photo studio and began photographing for a variety of clients over an eighteen year tenure training his camera on everything from products, real estate and fashion to celebrities like Willie Nelson, and corporate campaigns for tech giants including Texas Instruments.

For the subsequent thirteen years, after returning to Southern California in 2002, Rand focused his lens primarily on the entertainment industry, photographing everything from celebrities` portfolios, composites and head shots to  production stills and television and film set locations from the SoCal beaches to Greater Los Angeles.  Always the entrepreneur, concurrently, Rand was capitalizing on his urban landscape installation exploiting his unique artistic perspective, wherein the pieces were subsequently stretched on canvas, professionally mounted, then sold to private collectors and commercial clients nationwide.

Rand recently journeyed east down the I-10, and has settled down in what has become an architectural mecca, and the capital of mid-century modernism--Palm Springs, California--the Land of the Rich and Famous.  Inspired, Rand has fittingly returned to his photographic roots, and is currently shooting marketing and promotional campaigns for both realtors and entertainers valley-wide.